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retired, while you work!

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The ESPN mod is insane.

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    retired, while you work!
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    Jlprk is a retiree residing on the front porch of the Gates of Hell. He is unpleasant most of the time. Don't talk to him between 7 AM and 1 PM, and certainly not between 5 PM and midnight. Actually, better don't talk to him at all. Topics to avoid in his presence include, but are not limited to, politics, his ex-wife, writing, model airplanes, literature, space travel, computers, websites, raising children, kites, his ingrate son, soccer, and Bing News. You have been warned; bug off.


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    The results may not always be positive for the Blazers, but Aminu is a master of making basketball exciting.

    A closed mouth gathers no foot.

    You admit you can see my posts! The fish is on the hook!

    Softest donut of the dozen.

    I've stayed out of this discussion primarily because: a) I have no particular unique insights to share or draw attention to; b) at this point, pretty much everything known has been raised, argued over, chewed upon, spit out and the same known bits raised again; and c) I spent many years of my life arguing over stupid things that ultimately meant very little me personally and I see no need to do so again here with strangers.