Cannavaro snubs Chelsea?

Discussion in 'Chelsea FC' started by Petey, Jul 18, 2007.

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    <div class="mxb"> <div class="sh"> Cannavaro 'turned down Chelsea' </div> </div> <font size="2"> <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="203" align="right"> <tbody><tr><td> <div> [​IMG] <div class="cap">Cannavaro is not coming to the Premier League</div> </div> </td></tr> </tbody></table> Fifa World Player of the Year Fabio Cannavaro has rejected the chance to join Chelsea, according to his agent. </font>

    <font size="2">The Real Madrid defender, 33, has been the subject of speculation since Real dismissed coach Fabio Capello. </font></p>

    <font size="2">Cannavaro's agent Gaetano Fedele said Chelsea made an offer "but we postponed everything due to Real Madrid's wish". </font></p>

    <font size="2">"New Madrid coach Bernd Schuster has said that Fabio is untouchable. It's highly unlikely that Fabio will leave Real Madrid at least this year." </font></p>

    <font size="2">Cannavaro joined Real from Juventus shortly after skippering Italy to World Cup glory last summer, and is under contract with the Spanish champions for a further two seasons.</font></p>



    As a United fan, good news for me this morning!</p>


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