‘Chemical Accident’ At Buffalo Wild Wings Leaves Worker Dead, 10 Hospitalized

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    A worker at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Burlington, Massachusetts died and 10 others were sickened after a chemical accident Thursday night.

    Fire officials said the incident may have been caused by sodium hypochlorite, a chemical found in a floor cleaner called Super 8, local media reported.

    “This is a product that we have been told, that it’s a common product used for floor cleaning, for some reason tonight there was just a reaction that led to this,” assistant fire chief Michael Patterson said, per local CBS station WBZ.

    He also said the worker who died had “attempted to squeegee the product out of the building when he was overcome.”

    Read more https://www.huffpost.com/entry/buffalo-wild-wings-chemical_n_5dc51e96e4b02bf5793d9b07

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