Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein 'frustratingly cautious' in briefing House members

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    House of Representative members described Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's briefing as "very guarded" and "frustratingly cautious," deferring many answers to being under the purview of the recently-appointed special counsel, Robert Mueller.

    Rosenstein spoke to lawmakers Friday following a tumultuous several weeks where Rosenstein was thrust into the spotlight following President Donald Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey.

    Rosenstein was "very guarded" and would not discuss the circumstances of Comey's firing, according to one House Republican member in the briefing.

    "It's clear he just wanted to defer to Mueller on everything tough," said one Democratic lawmaker inside the room, who added that Rosenstein didn't address most questions and described his demeanor as "frustratingly cautious."

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