High School Football Matters!

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    Football fans, if you don't already know, there is a big chance that there wont be NFL football next year. Most of you are freaking out and wondering what to do. Well, I have in answer. Hop in your car and drive down to your nearest high school and enjoy some football with hundreds of your best friends on a Friday night. I don't know about you but life couldn't get much cooler then that. While you're sitting at home fretting that you don't have football to watch a great game is going on in your back yard. Wether you are a casual fan or a football junkie High School Football has something for everyone. There are many reasons why watching High School Football will reward you. The players play for fun, the prices are great and you are part of a community.
    In High School you won't find the big egos that dominate the NFL. There will not be a Chad Ochocinco or a Terrell Owens. You won't find tantrums like Brandon Marshall. You won't find selfish players like Albert Haynesworth. There will not be stunts like Brett Favre on Friday night. High School players will never be called MeAngelo Hall and get into trouble like Adam Jones. There won't be scandals like Ben Roethlisberger. At the High School levels there is not air-headed big wigs ruling the game like Jerry Jones or Al Davis. High School players will never run their mouth like Ray Lewis. High School players are good teammates unlike Randy Moss and Keyshawn Johnson The reason you won't find these egos in High School is because there is no money. These kids are playing for shear love of the game. They got nothing out of playing football except the satisfaction of doing something they love. In college players get national fame. In the NFL players get money. Fame and money=egos. High School players don't have any of those three things. In the NFL players may play halfheartedly but on a Friday night players go full speed on every down playing with heart. High School players have nothing to lose and nothing to win by playing but they want to win and will play amazingly to get that. The games that are played on Fridays rival those played on Saturdays and Sundays. The game is played completely for fun and thats what makes High School football so pure and great to watch. On every given Friday amazing happens.
    High School football provides nostalgia of watching a game in the chilly October air, under the lights, the pitch black night the only backdrop to the athleticism on the field, crinkling your fingers in your pockets to stay warm, sipping hot coca as if it could save your life, jumping out of your seat when a pass is completed, waiting twenty minutes in the parking lot before finally getting home and reminiscing on a night that will never be forgotten. But it also provides you a great game without breaking your bank. For starters a High School tickets costs, on average, 5 dollars. That price for college football is 46 dollars. The NFL's average ticket price is 252 dollars. And it is not like the game is any better. And if you get hungry at a game the school has you. A hot dog on average is a buck. Hamburgers are two dollars. Soda is a dollar. Popcorn is fifty cents and pizza is three dollars. Now compare that to the NFL. In big NFL stadiums hotdogs cost $4.40. Hamburgers are five dollars and soda is $5.32. Popcorn is $4.50 and if you want a pizza you will have to pay ten dollars! For a family of four, a trip to the nearest NFL stadium will cost $413. But that same family can pay only 32 dollars to watch a high school game. With this recession not many families can dish out hundreds have dollars to the NFL but will be more than happy to pay little money to their favorite school and the high school experience is sometimes better than the NFL one. I will never forget my first time watching a high school game. My mom sent me with a 20 dollar bill and after I came back I returned to her 10 dollars but kept the happiness and the great experience the game had given me.
    There is nothing better than small town high school football. Our nation is built on small towns and small towns are built on the High School football team. Therefore our nation is built on High School football. High School football is one of the best sports to watch in person. Why? Because your whole community is there. Wether you live in a small town or a big one High School football is the rock of the town. Whenever I go to a High School game I feel like I am part of something. It is a great felling and it doesn't come by that easily. I always feel that people who weren't there were missing out on something. Whenever I go to the top row of the bleachers and watch my team play I always feel happy. Nothing can derail that. If I had a bad day or a bad week it doesn't matter that Friday night. Look at the picture above. I'll give you a second. What do you notice? No advertisements, no TV cameras, no state of the art field, no stadium, no parabolic dish microphones. Just a bunch of fans enjoying a good football game together. High School football strengthens a community and provides a safe place for every member of the community to come too. In many places the town is run on High School football. But whatever team you support, whatever stadium you wave your flag just know that there are hundreds of other fans-because High School football needs the community and the community needs High School football.
    You know what, forget it. Forget everything I said. It doesn't matter. This fall go and watch a High School football game, then we will talk. Because that game will change your life. That's a guarantee.

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