Hurts, Brown power unbeaten Eagles past Steelers 35-13

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    A.J. Brown hauled in his third touchdown catch - of the first half - and the Eagles' star receiver peered through his tinted visor at two Steelers defenders knocked to the turf because of a slapstick collision on a futile attempt at breaking up the pass.

    Brown then pointed at each fallen Steeler and mocked them as the Philly crowd roared - and he was hit with a taunting penalty.

    Well worth the 15 yards for a little fun.

    ''I just said, `One, two, it's not enough,''' Brown said with a laugh.

    Three TDs were pretty good for Brown. So was taking the Eagles to seven, as in 7-0 and the lone undefeated team in the NFL.

    Hurts threw three touchdown passes to Brown in the first half and finished with 285 yards and four TDs overall as Philadelphia raced past Pittsburgh 35-13 on Sunday.


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