‘Now that Pacqiuao shows signs of wear and tear, Floyd will finally fight him’

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    In self-comforting realization of the truth, the Pacfan base will sing this song for the next coming months until either Manny fights Marquez again, or is bold enough to face the disputed P4P king Floyd Mayweather junior.

    It is only comforting to the Pac fans to find something to lay their sadness and shame on, after the poor performance by Pacman to yet another controversial win. This was supposed to be the decider, the equivalent of ‘Thriller in Manila’ but we saw a power puncher exposed by a boxer, with half the abilities of one Floyd Mayweather junior. The result was also a sharp contrast to the expectations of a bloodied Marquez, or a knocked down fighter as was the boasting before the fight.

    I am hopeful, that the two parties, Pacman and Floyd, will decide to put the row to rest once and for all. The boxing community should not entertain people who are working so hard to distract this bout from happening. Arum should not turn his personal financial gain by using Pacquiao as the money making machine and preventing the fight from happening, or his use his hate of Floyd from coming to sense with the talented boxer. Do you all realize that by delaying the action with Floyd, Arum stands to gain more millions of dollars? Without Arum, Packman would have taken these tests long ago, and I am sure Pacman would have been retired, solidifying his political career as we speak.

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