Player(s) of the decade(s)

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    Many sites were looking at this at the end of 2019, but since decades actually end with the year ending in 0, I'm looking at it now. Seems pretty clear that Lebron is the player of the current (2011-2020) decade (9 finals appearances, 4 titles, 4 finals MVPs, etc...), although there were some arguments for Curry as player of the 2010s.

    Going back, who would you pick as the player of each NBA decade?
    50-60--Cousy? Russell? Johnston? Pettit?
    60-70--Russell? Wilt? Big O? Solid cases for all 3. Anyone else?
    70-80--Is there an argument for anyone other than Kareem?
    80-90--Magic and Bird are the only two options here, right?
    90-00--Early 90's Jordan, Space Jam Jordan, or late 90's Jordan?
    00-10--Kobe, Duncan, or Shaq?
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