The 2013 Caribbean Baseball Series

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    The 2013 Caribbean Series is being held from February 1 through February 7 of 2013, featuring the champion teams of the 2012–2013 season in the Dominican Winter League (Leones del Escogido), Mexican Pacific League (Yaquis de Obregón), Puerto Rican Professional Baseball League (Criollos de Caguas), and Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (Navegantes del Magallanes).

    All of the games are played in a new facility of Hermosillo, Mexico, where for the second time in series history the title is to be challenged in a final. The only other time was in the 1991 edition.

    Each of the four teams will play two rounds in six days and a final in seventh date. In a double round-robin schedule, each participant will play every other participant twice, while the final game will be played between the two best teams of the round robin.

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