Twenty years ago today (video)

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    Buster Douglas defeated Mike Tyson in Japan, scoring arguably the greatest upset not only in boxing history, but in the history of sport. Douglas was at one point a 42-1 underdog.


    In the fight Douglas refused to be bullied by Tyson, used his reach advantage perfectly, and even survived a late knockdown. He did this during a period in his life in which his wife left him, his baby momma was diagnosed with lukemia, his mother died, and he was flat broke. He found solace in training and dedicated himself like he never had before, shocking Tyson in the fight with his persistence and toughness. Near the end of the bout Tyson, growing exhausted, finally began to relent...

    Douglas would go on to fight Evander Holyfield some months later banking a record $20-million for the fight. Out of shape and unmotivated, Douglas would fall in the third round and barely make an attempt to get back up. Then he promptly retired. What a waste...
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