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    Welcome to the S2 Sports Bar! Here we will debate all different kinds of sports topics. There will be two different styles of debate as shown below:

    There will be two types of discussions - Debate Contests and Round Table Discussions

    Round Table Discussions would be similar to ESPN's Around the Horn or their contrived Fact or Fiction segments. It will require a host and 4 or 5 contestants to be completed over a week. The Host would offer a topic or two per day and would score the responses. Each contestant should get a chance to make an opening response and then they can respond to answers of the other other contestants.

    It would be the Host's decision if they want to cut contestants after a couple of days or keep all of them all the way to the end. Since these go quickly, it would be easy to have NBA one week, NFL the next, etc.

    Debate Contests would involve one host / judge, three other judges and either eight or sixteen contestants. Most likely, these would have to be quarterly events as they would take a significant amount of time to complete. These contests could either be a single sport or mixed sports. There would be four pods with either two or four contestants. Once the contestants are selected, they would be randomly assigned a match up and a pod.

    The host would propose the topics via PM to the contestants with the objective being to find a topic where each person is willing to take a side. The debates would last a maximum of five posts per person with a maximum of four days to complete it. In addition the four judges, there will be a poll thread with the voting result counting as the fifth judge. The poll thread would also be the place where the spectators can comment on the debate. Winners advance to the next round and the process gets repeated until there is an overall winner.

    I will post a sign up thread for both discussions. Post if you are interested.

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