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    Tennant Products
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    Kocaeli Servis
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  8. AldoTrapani
    Ayton can’t catch
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    Arçelik Servisi
    Bayrampaşa Arçelik Servisi
  10. RonBrewer
    I trust my own opinion more than yours.
  11. MrDraftGuy
    1. MrDraftGuy
      Bagley, not as good as advertised but feel the Mychal Thompson comparison is spot, especially in how he was selected over Luka Doncic (aka Larry Bird). I stated in the JJJ description how it would be possible he puts up empty numbers, as well, which has been the case.
      Aug 6, 2023
    2. MrDraftGuy
      Speaking of JJJ, pretty much on point here.

      Mo Bamba. Wrong. Really disappointed because he has immense talent, just doesn't have the right mindset.

      MPJ. Probably not going to reach the 25/5/5 prediction because he probably isn't 100% healthy. Still, he is 21/7 per 36 minutes. He used to be a better playmaker in high school but injuries probably limit how much he can use the ball.
      Aug 6, 2023
    3. MrDraftGuy
      Ayton, I'm still so confused how such a talented center prospect hasn't translated so well. Still a good player, though. Maybe he needs his own team like Embiid and Jokic does?

      Luka is a special player. As I wrote down, much higher PIR than other great Euro prospects.
      Aug 6, 2023
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    Everything Beagle
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  14. Everything Beagle
    Everything Beagle
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    Kirti Roy
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    Marmaris Servisi
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    RonBrewer ILLmaculate
    Yo- Are you Illmac the Rapper? One of my favorites. RIP CITTTYYY
  18. Hoopguru
    Blazer fan since day 1
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  20. natasha kalra