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New Profile Posts

  1. dipsha35e
    health and fitness
  2. Gronk Brady
    Gronk Brady TorturedBlazerFan
    Bro,Im likin all your posts... bringing knowledge in more respectful way than I can lol... welcome to the forum and keep up the good work. So many brainwashed group thinkers in here... nice to have someone else who can see through the bs Neil sells and doesn’t back down from other posters!
    1. TorturedBlazerFan
      Thanks. I try to be respectful. I'm also opinionated, so sometimes it doesn't work out so well.
      May 7, 2018
  3. Met_Man
    Slam Dunk Fun
  4. RipCityDSCPL
    Crossing fingers(and toes) for change
  5. RipCityDSCPL
    Advocate for trading CJ.
  6. Rockets Dynasty
    Rockets Dynasty
    Rockets 2018 NBA Champions
    1. truebluefan
      They could very well do it
      Apr 14, 2018
  7. Orion Bailey
    Orion Bailey
    Professional Troll
  8. bummed
    I'm really RickyJoe but can't login
  9. HAAK72
  10. Blazin-n-Jpn
    Watching our Portland Trail Blazers from Japan
  11. John Kasinger
  12. Ducksblazersrule
  13. Chris Craig
    Chris Craig
    He had a baseball bat and I was tied to a chair. Pissing him off was the smart thing to do.
  14. Chris Craig
    Chris Craig
    : I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives men wings.
  15. Thailand kim
    Thailand kim
    No more layups for Nurjic , if he is close enough to dunk it , DUNK IT
  16. Thailand kim
    Thailand kim
    PASS THE BALL! I am so tired of watching these guys dribbling the ball , it's not good BB
  17. Thailand kim
    Thailand kim
    I am a 67 year old , disabled Vietnam vet living in Thailand for over 10 years now . I watch all Blazer games via NBA league pass
    1. truebluefan
      Welcome to Sportstwo
      Feb 13, 2018
  18. LayneStaley
    This Kool-Aid is mediocre
  19. Hoopguru
    Started on Olive about 17/18 years ago.
  20. JustMyThot