11/15: Wizards @ Knicks - Game Thread

Discussion in 'Washington Wizards' started by Ming637, Nov 15, 2006.

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    Sorry it's up late, piece of **** internet went out.

    <div align="center">[​IMG] vs. [​IMG]
    <font color="blue">Washington Wizards (3-3)</font> vs. <font color="orange">Orlando Magic(2-6)</font>
    Date: November 15th, 2006
    Time: 7:30 P.M. Eastern
    TV: CSN, MSG, NBA League Pass
    Place: Madison Square Garden</div>

    [div=50%]<font size="3"><div align="center"><font color="orange">Knicks Starting Lineups</font></div></font>

    <div align="center">[​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    <font size="1">(S. Marbury, J. Crawford, Q. Richardson, C. Frye, E. Curry)</font></div>

    <font color="blue">2006-07 Knicks Stats</font>
    Leading Scorer: Quentin Richardson - 18.5 PPG
    Leading Rebounder: David Lee - 8.0 RPG
    Leading Assist Man: Stephon Marbury - 4.8 APG

    Points Per Game: 98.6
    Field Goal Percentage: 45.5%
    3-Point Field Goal Percentage: 32.2%
    Rebounds Per Game: 41.4
    Assists Per Game: 16.6

    <font size="3">Backcourt</font>

    [imgl]http://www.nba.com/media/playerfile/stephon_marbury.jpg[/imgl]<font color="orange">Stephon Marbury</font>
    PPG: 12.0, RPG: 2.5, APG: 4.8

    [imgl]http://www.nba.com/media/playerfile/jamal_crawford.jpg[/imgl]<font color="orange">Jamal Crawford</font>
    PPG: 15.8, RPG: 3.0, APG: 3.3

    <font size="3">Frontcourt</font>

    [imgl]http://www.nba.com/media/playerfile/quentin_richardson.jpg[/imgl]<font color="orange">Quentin Richardson</font>
    PPG: 18.5, RPG: 6.6, APG: 2.1

    [imgl]http://www.nba.com/media/playerfile/channing_frye.jpg[/imgl]<font color="orange">Channing Frye</font>
    PPG: 5.1, RPG: 4.8, APG: 0.4

    [imgl]http://www.nba.com/media/playerfile/eddy_curry.jpg[/imgl]<font color="orange">Eddy Curry</font>
    PPG: 13.9, RPG: 6.8, APG: 0.5

    [/div]<div align="center"><font color="blue"><font size="3">Wizards Starting Lineup</font></font>

    <font size="1">(G. Arenas, D. Stevenson, C. Butler, A. Jamison, E. Thomas)</font></div>

    <font color="black">2006-07 Wizards Stats</font>
    Leading Scorer: Gilbert Arenas - 28.2 PPG
    Leading Rebounder: Antawn Jamison - 7.5 RPG
    Leading Assist Man: Gilbert Arenas - 7.2 APG

    Points Per Game: 107.8
    Field Goal Percentage: 46.3%
    3-Point Field Goal Percentage: 35.2%
    Rebounds Per Game: 39.0
    Assists Per Game: 21.2

    <font size="3">Backcourt</font>

    [imgl]http://www.nba.com/media/playerfile/gilbert_arenas.jpg[/imgl]<font color="blue">Gilbert Arenas</font>
    PPG: 28.2, RPG: 3.7, APG: 7.2

    [imgl]http://www.nba.com/media/playerfile/deshawn_stevenson.jpg[/imgl]<font color="blue">Deshawn Stevenson </font>
    PPG: 7.0, RPG: 2.8 APG: 3.0

    <font size="3">Frontcourt</font>

    [imgl]http://www.nba.com/media/playerfile/caron_butler.jpg[/imgl]<font color="black">Caron Butler</font>
    PPG: 17.0, RPG: 6.8, APG: 3.3

    [imgl]http://www.nba.com/media/playerfile/antawn_jamison.jpg[/imgl]<font color="blue">Antawn Jamison</font>
    PPG: 21.7, RPG: 7.5, APG: 1.5

    [imgl]http://www.nba.com/media/playerfile/etan_thomas.jpg[/imgl]<font color="blue">Etan Thomas</font>
    PPG: 8.5, RPG: 6.5, APG: 0.7

    <font size="3">Prediction:</font> Knicks will upset the Wizards as it goes down to the wire, 104-102.

    Will's Prediction Record: 3-3 (Last: Wizards over Nets 119-108)
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    New York, NY
    Knicks win in a blowout 102-82. The Wizards were forcing up too many bad shots. I understand they hit those a lot, but I guess today wasn't their night. Not enough ball movement as they just had 10 assists and 17 turnovers. Also, the Knicks were killing them on the board and second chance opportunities. New York outrebounded Washington 52 to 39. You don't win road games getting murdered on the boards like that. What's also interesting is the Wizards shot 40 free throws on the road and made 36 of them (90%) and still got blown out.
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    Man, I'm pretty pissed about this loss. Renaldo Balkman and David Lee owned in the paint, it wasn't even funny. The Wizards couldn't get anything going in the second half keeping themselves in the game with all of those free throw attempts. I guess Eddie Jordan didn't try to push the momentum up against this team, took it slow and ran the princeton offense. We're first in the league when it comes to turnovers a game with about probably 13 right now, but tonight's performance was very sloppy. Just hope they can rebound against the Pistons, since they can't afford to go under .500 at the end of this road swing.
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    That was embarassing, Arenas shooting was horrific, actually all of the big three shot terribly.

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