2004 Draft

Discussion in 'Oklahoma City Thunder' started by Ghost, Apr 7, 2004.

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    Feb 24, 2003
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    Who do you think the Sonics need to draft. I think our biggest hole is center but to me it doesn't look like any center will be avail besides the ones from europe. Has anyone seen any of them play.

    Does anybody think we should draft a Point guard.
  2. Sir Desmond

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    May 12, 2003
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    A lot needs to happen with this team before we can think about who to draft. The small forward situation between Rashard Lewis and Vlade Radmanovic needs to be sorted out, the backcourt logjam needs to be sorted out. Jerome James' contract situation needs to be sorted out, re-signing Brent, extending Ray, fitting Collison back into the mix. Add to that it may be a weak draft, and there's a lot to think about before then.

    Not sure why we would draft a point guard, specially with Luke Ridnour already on the roster. The guy I am looking at with some interest is BYI's Brazilian center Rafael Araujo, who is likey fall in Seattle's range.

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