Arenas And Storey Arrested In Miami Beach

Discussion in 'Washington Wizards' started by NJNetz, May 31, 2006.

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    <div class="quote_poster">Quote:</div><div class="quote_post">Gilbert Arenas and Awvee Storey, both of the Washington Wizards , have been arrested on charges of disobeying police.

    According to police reports, Storey was blocking traffic in the middle of a busy street in Miami Beach when an officer told him to get back to the sidewalk Saturday night. Storey didn't get out of the street, and the officer arrested him and charged him with failure to obey a command.

    Arenas got out of a vehicle and walked toward the arresting officers. According to reports, an officer told Arenas to get back in his vehicle, but he refused, saying he wanted to stand next to his teammate. The officer took Arenas into custody and charged him with resisting without violence.

    As Arenas was being arrested, according to reports, he said, "You can't arrest me. I'm a basketball player. I play for the Washington Wizards , and I'm not going to leave my teammate."</div>



    Arenas comments make me laugh. Since when is being a basketball player a ticket for special treatment?
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    You have to know Arenas' comments and his personality before you take that quote in.

    What Arenas' did do was help his teammate out. He tried to get him out of the lane, but got arrested for it.

    Arenas is known for his jokes and his cockyness, not for being an asshole like that.

    There is no audio evidence either, for all we know it was misquoted or even made up.

    Either way, Arenas won't be facing any harsh penalties. He doesn't mind paying a $1,000 fine, either. He has houses in Vegas, Southern Cal, Virginia, and South Beach. Miami PD were also on edge because Miami is like Compton come Memorial Day Weekend. I heard they arrested over 900 people, and Santanio Holmes was arrested.
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    it was nice of him to stand by his teamate

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