Curry Expected To Sign Extension With Warriors Before Deadline

Discussion in 'Golden State Warriors' started by truebluefan, Sep 29, 2012.

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    The Golden State Warriors are committed to signing Stephen Curry to a long-term extension, according to sources.

    The Warriors and Curry's camp had promising discussions, but they were suspended until after the preseason games.

    Sources expect an extension to be reached before the October 31st deadline.

    Curry would become a restricted free agent next summer if an extension is not reached.

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    I'm pretty excited about this season. Losing Ellis was the lowest point of last year, but we're going to see that we kept the right point guard and we added the missing piece that has eluded us all these years: An elite center, the big guy in the middle. You can never go far with being just a donut squad. We're not as sexy as the lakers, but at least we now have a more complete starting five than we have had in years. This is the start of something big and the ownership is proving they're already way better than the Cohan region who did not give a crap about us fans or their product.

    The previous ownership thought a "good time out" was cheap seats and some chalupas if we scored over 100 points and this type of crap did not change for well over a decade. You know who else in California used that same gimmick? The Clippers. Maybe we'll at least see the playoff experience the Clips are getting. I'm hoping we're going to see the quality brand of basketball we all been missing and deserve for waiting on such a miserable franchise.

    Another thing to note is that we could turn things around like the supersonics did and be a title contender. All it takes is that superstar and we might just get one.
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    The Curry signing is great news for ya'll, but I think you hit the nail on the head with your assessment of Bogut.

    His injury last season may have given him the "injury plagued" label to the casual fan, but he's actually been very durable over his career.

    As a #1 pick, he may be a disappointment so far, but fans have to understand that Milwaukee never really used him in their offense. When he was called upon offensively, he delivered as efficiently as anyone in the game, all the while pulling down 10+ rbs and playing solid defense.

    Anyone who would take Marc Gasol or Roy Hibbert over Andrew Bogut has been playing too much NBA 2K.

    I can only imagine how hard it'll be for a team's star PF/C to grab a rebound against a healthy Lee/Bogut combination. Should be a fun year to be a Warriors fan...

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