Wizards' Jamison Hardly Hurting for Experience

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    <div class="quote_poster">Quote:</div><div class="quote_post">Antawn Jamison emerged from the Washington Wizards' locker room on Wednesday afternoon with an ice pack wrapped around his sore right shoulder and two others wrapped around his knees.

    As he half-walked, half-shuffled through the hallway, Jamison looked more like a football player after a game than an NBA player just getting ready for the start of an 82-game regular season. When it was pointed out to Jamison that his game appears to be in midseason form, he chuckled.

    "Man, it feels like we are in midseason already," said the forward, who averaged 12.7 points while shooting 46.2 percent in seven preseason contests. "Sometimes I'll look at the calendar and wonder when the all-star break is coming up. I've already played a lot of basketball."

    Jamison is fighting through more than usual fatigue because he spent the summer playing with the U.S. men's national team. Team USA held a training camp in Las Vegas and played 15 exhibition and world championship tournament games in South Korea, China and Japan en route to capturing the bronze medal.</div>


    Hopefully Jamison's experience with the Team USA team doesn't fatigued him during the season, since he's already feeling like he's in mid-season form. His right shoulder has been bothering him so far, which isn't a good sign because we need his outside shooting to spread the defense around. Hopefully, the four days rest will have him prepared for the season opener against the Cavs.

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