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    Well, the guys who watch european soccer since 1960 will know this club.
    We was very successfull, but step by step.

    Completely club name: 1. Fußball-Club Köln 01/07 e. V.
    Founded: 02/13/1948
    Homeground: "Rhein-Energie-Stadion"

    The 1. FC Köln is a fusion between SpVgg Sülz 07 and Kölner Ballspiel-Club 1901, two clubs from Cologne in 1948.
    The target was to build a international top-club.
    After the fusion of these two predecessor sides, 1. FC Köln began to play in the Oberliga West in season 49/50 and by 1954 had won their first divisional championship.
    They won their second divisional championship in 1960.
    1. FC Köln went on to finish at first in the Oberliga West in each of the next three seasons and played first ways to the national final in 1962 and 1963. They won the 1962 4–0 against 1. FC Nürnberg was the entry to the European Cup.
    They was drawn against Dundee FC in the first round which lost the first match in Scotland 1-8 and despite winning the second leg back in Germany by 4-0, but they were out of the tournament.
    1963, the new Bundesliga was starting. Franz Kremer (ex-president from the club) forced out the startup for the new Bundesliga - with 1. FC Köln.
    So, we've got one of the desired places and could win the championsship first time.
    The first champion in Bundesliga!
    The most successful year for the club was 1978, where they won the national championship for the third time and also captured the national cup. It was the first time since establishment of the Bundesliga in 1963, when a team could win the "Double".

    1. FC Koln would became very famous in Europe in European Cup 1965 against Liverpool FC in the quarter-finals. After two 0–0 draws, a third game was played which was also a draw, not 0-0, but 2-2. In those years, soccer hadn't a away goals rule, so the penalty shootout had to bring out a decision. But that had not yet been introduced as the means of deciding a tie, Köln went out of the competition on the toss of a coin. Ironically enough there was the need for a second coin toss, because the first time the coin stuck vertically in the ground.
    It wasn't a match for neurasthenic people!

    1998, it was the first time, 1. FC Köln was relegated back to the second Division (2th Bundesliga). The club was after Hamburger SV the longest time without relegating off of all founding members from the Bundesliga. We will not be german champion since this first relegating.
    Down to the present day, 1. FC Köln was relegated four times. 1998, 2001, 2003 and 2006.
    They played in the first division since 2007.

    1. FC Köln is playing his home matches in "Rhein-Energie-Stadion" with a capacity of 50,000. It was built for the world cup 2006.
    It will be called "Müngersdorfer Stadion" from the supporters. That is the name of the old homeground.

    The old stadium...


    ... and the new stadium...

    ... with one of our choreos.

    Some interessting facts about the three-times champion
    The Billy Goat in the emblem is called "Hennes".
    Shortly after the fusion between the two predecessor clubs, it was a present from a circus-chief Carola Williams. She said: "A good luck charm is missing."
    The billy goat is called Hennes based on Hennes Weißweiler, player and coach in combination.
    To this day, 1. FC Köln had eight "Hennes" billy goats.
    Hennes supportet the team in every home matches!

    Hennes I.
    Sometimes, the first Hennes was on a lead from the chief in the flesh, coach Hennes Weißweiler. Hennes I. was the mascot from 1950 - 1966.

    Hennes II.
    He wasn't a supporter of soccer. Before the matches, he was very scary.
    Hennes II. was the mascot from 1966 - 1970.

    Hennes III.
    He was the first billy goat, who couldn't win a title with the club. He loved to drive with the car. Hennes III. drove often to matches in a Mercedes Benz.
    He was the mascot from 1970 - 1975.

    Hennes IV.
    He was the most successfull billy goat in the club history. With him, 1. FC Koln could win the first "Double" in Bundesliga history.
    Hennes IV. was the mascot from 1975 - 1982.

    Hennes V.
    He was the last mascot, who won a title with 1. FC Koln. It was the german national cup 1983.
    Hennes V. was the mascot from 1982 - 1989.

    Hennes VI.
    Hennes VI. very suffered by the even more worse performances of the team.
    He hasn't relive the dramatical Save 1996.
    He was the mascot from 1989 - 1996.

    Hennes VII.
    He was the most inefficient mascot from 1. FC Koln. He watch ALL relegations.
    Hennes VII have it coming to see the promotion 2008. But his hooves was sick.
    Hennes VII. died two months after the promotion.
    He was mascot from 1996 - 2008.

    Hennes VIII.
    He's the currently mascot and more successful than Hennes VII.

    The 1. FC Koln holds a negative record.
    They holds the doubtful distinction of the worst goal drought in Bundesliga history. 2002, they need 1034 excruciating minutes for a goal.

    The 1. FC Koln holds the viewers record in the second division. This record is unbroken since the season 2004/2005, the first season in Rhein-Energie Stadion.

    Lukas Podolski is the player with the highest transfer in the club history - in and out.
    He switched to FC Bayern Munich in 2006 for 10,000,000 Euros.
    Three years later, he switched back to 1. FC Köln -for 10,000,000 Euros.

    1. FC Köln is 7th in the all-time-table of the first Bundesliga and 42th in the second Bundesliga.

    1. FC Köln has currently 54,400 members.

    Despite to the unsuccessful last years, 1. FC Koln is in the TOP20 in the viewers average in Europe in 2010. With 46,140 viewes averagem the stand on the 18th place.

    The Club Anthem:

    The supporters in action (home and away)

    The most wonderful goal last season:

    Highlights of some matches in the history at this channel:

    My favorite choreography:

    If you have questions, feel free to ask. :)
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    the new stadium looks really great, like the spectators are right on top of the action. i bet that leads to a much greater atmosphere in which to get very excited while watching the game
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    Excellent post, thanks so much for sharing.
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    Yes! Nice post

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