11/10: Bucks @ Wizards - Game Thread

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    <div align="center">[​IMG]@[​IMG]
    <font color="green">Milwaukee Bucks (2-3)</font> vs. <font color="blue">Washington Wizards (2-2)</font>
    Date: November 10th, 2006
    Time: 7:00 P.M. Eastern
    TV: ESPN, CSN, My24
    Place: Verizon Center</div>

    <font color="blue"><font size="3">Wizards Starting Lineup</font>

    <div align="center">[​IMG][​IMG]
    <font size="1">(G. Arenas, D. Stevenson, C. Butler, A. Jamison, E.Thomas)</font></div>

    <font color="blue">2006-2007 Wizards Season Stats</font>

    Leading Scorer: Gilbert Arenas - 28.8 PPG
    Leading Rebounder: Etan Thomas - 7.5 RPG
    Leading Assist Man: Gilbert Arenas - 6.8 APG

    Points Per Game: 109.5
    Field Goal Percentage: 49.2%
    3-Point Field Goal Percentage: 39.4%
    Rebounds Per Game: 34.5
    Assists Per Game: 21.3

    <font size="3">Backcourt</font>

    [imgl]http://www.nba.com/media/playerfile/gilbert_arenas.jpg[/imgl]<font color="blue">Gilbert Arenas</font>
    PPG: 28.8, RPG: 2.3, APG: 6.8
    Gilbert Arenas came into Verizon Center on Wednesday looking to create that home-court atmosphere that would boost his confidence up and the fans were certainly cheering. Arenas is coming off a terrific shooting night of 14-20, being 4-6 from three point land and finishing off with 40 points in only 32 minutes. His performance was more than enough to lift his team to a blowout against the Pacers and going against the Bucks on Friday, Arenas looks to repeat his same performance.

    [imgl]http://www.nba.com/media/playerfile/deshawn_stevenson.jpg[/imgl]<font color="blue">Deshawn Stevenson </font>
    PPG: 5.8, RPG: 2.3 APG: 3.5
    Quietly, DeShawn was able to put up 10 points and 4 assists against the Pacers where he played his best defensively as a Wizard so far this season. He kept Stephen Jackson to 2-9 shooting on Wednesday, and that is the type of performance the Wizards wanted when they signed DeShawn. On Friday, he'll have a difficult task of defending Michael Redd who has been red hot lately.

    <font size="3">Frontcourt</font>

    [imgl]http://www.nba.com/media/playerfile/caron_butler.jpg[/imgl]<font color="blue">Caron Butler</font>
    PPG: 17.8, RPG: 3.8, APG: 3.3
    The third leading scorer Caron Butler had another quiet night against the Pacers with 12 points, but did grab 4 rebounds and dished out 5 assists, showing he can do a little bit of everything. Going against the Bucks, Caron Butler will need to bring his A game and give the Bucks' a hard time passing the ball.

    [imgl]http://www.nba.com/media/playerfile/antawn_jamison.jpg[/imgl]<font color="blue">Antawn Jamison</font>
    PPG: 24.3, RPG: 7.3, APG: 2.0
    Antawn Jamison continues his solid play on the floor with 19 points off 7-11 shooting and pulling down 7 rebounds. Antawn did have a difficult time keeping Danny Granger off the boards though and he will need to play a lot more aggressively against the Bucks' frontcourt which consists of Andrew Bogut and Charlie Villanueva.


    <font color="blue">Etan Thomas</font>
    PPG: 10.8, RPG: 7.5, APG: 1.0
    A decent performance by Etan Thomas, but not establishing a presence out there on offense, despite the fact Jermaine O'neal did not play. Etan scored 8 points and had along 4 rebounds, but he did do a great job keeping David Harrison in check and defending the paint. [/div]
    <font size="3"><div align="center"><font color="green">Bucks Starting Lineup</font></div></font>

    <div align="center">[​IMG][​IMG]
    <font size="1">(S. Telfair, P. Pierce, W. Szczerbiak, R. Gomes, K.Perkins)</font></div>

    <font color="green">2006-2007 Bucks Season Stats</font>

    Leading Scorer: Michael Redd - 28.4 PPG
    Leading Rebounder: Charlie Villanueva - 9.6 RPG
    Leading Assist Man: Maurice Williams - 5.2 APG

    Points Per Game: 95.8
    Field Goal Percentage: 46.0%
    3-Point Field Goal Percentage: 27.7%
    Rebounds Per Game: 46.8
    Assists Per Game: 23.4

    <font size="3">Backcourt</font>

    [imgl]http://www.nba.com/media/playerfile/maurice_williams.jpg[/imgl]<font color="green">Maurice Williams</font>
    PPG: 11.8, RPG: 4.6, APG: 5.2
    As Mo William's job as point guard, he'll need to make sure he sets up Michael Redd, if Michael wants a good scoring night. With his courtvision, he has been able to dish off a lot of passes, and with his decent scoring ability, it adds on to the Bucks starting lineup. Going against Gilbert Arenas, Mo needs to get the ball out of Gilbert's hand or guard him very tightly with Gilbert's ability to go lights out from the floor.

    [imgl]http://www.nba.com/media/playerfile/michael_redd.jpg[/imgl]<font color="green">Michael Redd</font>
    PPG: 28.4, RPG: 3.2, APG: 1.4
    Despite a dissapointing loss against the Rockets, Michael Redd shot for 34 points out there. With Washington's recent problems of defending the perimeter, Michael Redd should look for the ball out deep in the baseline to get his shot going.

    <font size="3">Frontcourt</font>

    [imgl]http://www.nba.com/media/playerfile/ruben_patterson.jpg[/imgl]<font color="green">Ruben Patterson</font>
    PPG: 7.2, RPG: 2.8, APG: 2.6
    Ruben did not have a great offensive night, but was able to stop and contain Chuck Hayes and Shane Battier. Ruben should look to use his toughness to give Caron Butler a hard time on offense and force the roc out of his hands.

    [imgl]http://www.nba.com/media/playerfile/charlie_villanueva.jpg[/imgl]<font color="green">Charlie Villanueva</font>
    PPG: 16.6, RPG: 9.6, APG: 2.4
    Charlie Villanueva has made an immediate impact after being traded by Toronto and becoming a threat in the paint. With Jamison's style of defense, they should look to feed Charlie in the paint and get scoring down-low.

    [imgl]http://www.nba.com/media/playerfile/andrew_bogut.jpg[/imgl]<font color="green">Andre Bogut</font>
    PPG: 13.6, RPG: 6.0, APG: 3.0
    Andrew Bogut this season has improved as Milwaukee's starting center. Coming off a bad night against Houston, Andrew will need to focus on containing Etan Thomas. Etan has proven this season how he takes over the paint, his aggressiveness on the boards, and his impact and benefit for the Wizards.

    <font size="3">Keys to the Game</font><ul>[*]<font color="blue">Eliminate The Perimeter</font> – The Wizards are still vulnerable when it comes to defending the perimeter and long-range shots. With Michael Redd who's a big threat and can nail the 3 and Mo Williams, the Wiz will need to watch out for them or their defense won't prevail like they did against the Pacers.[*]<font color="blue">Push The Ball</font> – The first unit showed how well it pays to push the ball across half-court and find open guys on the run. With it, they were able to manage a 7 point lead, but when the second unit came off the bench in the second quarter, the tempo slowed and it allowed the Pacers defense to come and stop shots. The Wizards should be moving all-game long and finding open shots, if they want to win.[*]<font color="blue">Control The Boards</font> – With guys like Andrew Bogut and Charlie Villanueva patrolling the paint for Milwaukee, it's important that the Wizards crash for the rebound, so they can avoid staying for second chance opportunities. If they are able to out-rebound the Bucks and contain their frontcourt, the Wizards should have an advantage.[*]
    <font color="green">Transition Defense</font> – It's important for the Bucks to run back on defense to make the Wizards work for their shots. The Wizards have been running all season long and it's been paying off with open shots. If the Bucks can do this, the Wizards will have a harder time trying to score.[*]<font color="green">Take Care Of The Ball</font> – The Wizards are currently first in forcing turnovers, and with the defense threats like Stevenson, Butler, and Arenas roaming around, you won't have to wonder why. The Bucks need to make smart passes and not be careless with the ball. Doing so will limit the Wizards' fastbreak points and points off turnovers.[*]<font color="green">Bench Production</font> - The Bucks will need to pull out more than Redd's firepower off the bench and have the Wizards guessing like Orlando did when their bench outscored the Wizards bench 50-16. Guys like Steve Blake, Charlie Bell, and David Noel should come out and make an impact in this game if they want to win.[/list]

    <div align="center">Ones To Watch




    <font size="3">Prediction:</font> Wizards over Bucks, 114-106

    Will's Prediction Record: 2-2 (Last: Wizards over Pacers 104-100)

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