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    Last year the country focused on Mariota and rightly so!! Next year the college football world will need to focus on all our weapons in space at once in a blur. I'd also add that with a O line of Johnstone, Brenner, Hunt, Crosby and I think Eggert replacing Fisher our O line could be something freakish NASTY with Okun, Andre Y, Lousi and Pisarcik backing them up. That's with all our O line recruits this class learning and getting ready for off redshirt years following, basically making our O line three deep. Okun I think is to good not to make the two deep roster why I don't have him redshirting.

    Now whether we get Adams or go with Mahalak our receivers are deep enough to make an average QB look quite good. Addison, Carrington, Brown, Stanford and Allen with Ofodile and Marshall backing them up.

    At RB, we could redshirt Taj and let his knee become rocking year next, we'll have Rolls, Tyner and Marshall , James and Merritt playing Tazr with Nelson. Wayyyyyyy to deep!

    At TE we'll have Mundt, Bayless and hopefully Brown can come back if not we'll have Breeland who I think get's redshirted waiting in the wings.

    We just have to many offensive weapons to be an average team!

    My hope is our D goes from a 3-4 to a 4-3 and we can go Buckner, Balducci, Canton and Talia up front with Maloata, Mondeaux, Manu and Baker backing them up while redshirting Carlberg.

    At the LB I see Coleman , Walker and Prevot backed up by Mattingly, French, Bostick, redshirting Fotu.

    The secondary is anyone's guess outside of Robinson, Seisay, Springs and Williams as starters.

    The QB problem which is the biggie may resolve itself in the next 48, and I know by year 2 Waller will be our go to guy!

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