A Quarter Into The Season, My Two Cents

Discussion in 'NFL General' started by MKIV_Supra, Oct 6, 2009.

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    Feel free to skip this first section since I plan on giving my take on the new Ravens and ranting about what happened during the Patriots-Ravens game.

    First of all, I dislike the fact that the NFL is a QB driven league. I've been too used to the old Ravens which relied on a power running game, a monster defense, and marginal quarterback play. With that being said, there is no doubt the Ravens are in a new era with Harbaugh and Flacco. I have nothing to complain when it comes to the 3-1 the Ravens currently have. But I have alot to question when it comes to the play calling, on defense and offense. Now I know the Ravens are transitioning to Mattison at DC since Rex Ryan left to the Jets, but they should mix it up a bit more. Based on what I've seen, they aren't pressuring the QB like they used to and basically the secondary is being picked apart. On offense, I know Flacco has taken a definite leap forward but the Ravens should throw a bit less. They arguably have the best trio in the backfield and are being way underused. I do not want the Ravens to afford to get in a shootout when they should be controlling the clock and keeping the opposing offense off the field and let the defense rest as well.

    Now onto the game. I'm pretty sure many have seen or heard of the questionable calls against the Ravens. I understand the league has set new rules protecting the QB in light of what happened to Tom Brady last year. I totally understand that the Ravens probably deserved those calls. I'm pretty sure Ray Lewis has made his point on that. But there's something else to that game. The Ravens were gameplanning against the Patriots for the week, but apparently they forgot about the referees. It seems that the Patriots are seen as the good guys and the Ravens are the bad ones. I am not a fan of QB's and especially not a fan of Brady. Terrell Suggs was trying to avoid his legs and barely touched him. He was flagged and Brady was laughing. A few other times the referees screwed the Ravens. When they were reviewing the spot on the ball in the fourth quarter, they were way off. And they knew the game was going down to the wire and every inch counted. Recently, it seems that when the Ravens play the Patriots there is always going to be controversy.

    Now I can care less what happened since it's over and the Ravens need to regroup to play the Bengals in a very important divisional game. Onto the other observations around the league.

    The Rams are the worst team in the league. Maybe the Browns are too, but that was their problem when they interviewed one candidate and hired that same one.

    Shawne Merriman isn't the same, without his steroids. The Chargers have some serious issues on defense though. They are letting opponents run all over them and bank on Rivers to play like he has to every week. They also cannot afford to lose to the Broncos even once since their only hope to get into the playoffs is winning the AFC West.

    Speaking of the AFC playoffs, there are so many contenders that it's a shame that one, either the Ravens, Steelers, or Bengals won't make it since it's almost certain that the Patriots and Jets are in.

    Bench Kerry Collins.

    How much sleep is Donovan McNabb getting? Ever since his contract was extended, the Eagles brought in Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb played pretty well when he was injured.

    The top three teams (in no particular order) are the Colts, Giants, and Saints.

    Brett Favre won't play like that after he plays the Ravens, Steelers, and Packers again. He's lucky to have a bye and the Lions after that though.

    Bench Delhomme.

    The 49ers are pretty darn good. I still believe they are going to win the NFC West since they beat all of their division rivals once already just four weeks into the season.

    Plaxico who? I mean, the Giants have Mario Manningham, Steve Smith, and Hakeem Nicks.

    That's pretty much what I've gathered so far. It's an exciting NFL season so far if I say so myself. Any thoughts on the season so far?
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    You have some really good points. I agree on a lot of things you are saying here. Its all QB based and the fact that QBs are freaking babied pisses me off. They were pads, they were helmets, they hold the ball. Its the defenses given right to hit the player with the ball. These stupid calls on roughing the passer pisses me off. Thats probably the biggest thing I hate about the NFL, along with the players who show off and demand money, aka Crabtree. Stop being a punk Crabtree. Grow up, its cash, it doesn't matter how much you make. You obviously don't love the game that much. Favres going down in Green Bay.

    Also, welcome back, hope you stick around.
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    Man thanks for your thoughts brah, don't worry too much over one win you have a growing passing offense. things are looking pretty well for the next decade over there in Baltimore. Repped you for the effort too.

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