After Bad Breaks, Hayes Ready for Breakout

Discussion in 'Washington Wizards' started by Ming637, Oct 1, 2006.

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    <div class="quote_poster">Quote:</div><div class="quote_post">Washington Wizards guard Jarvis Hayes did not want to go to the locker room. He knew the moment he left the visitors' bench and limped off the floor at Staples Center that he was saying goodbye to his teammates and to basketball for a couple of months. Problem was, Hayes really had no choice.

    Less than five minutes into a game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Dec. 16, Hayes took one step trying to defend Kobe Bryant in the post and felt his right kneecap crack -- again. He grabbed his knee and tried to keep going, but while attempting to chase down Bryant on a fast break moments later, all Hayes could do was stop, grimace and say to himself, "Oh, my God."

    The same kneecap he fractured almost 10 months earlier and spent all summer rehabilitating. The same "freak injury" that robbed him of the final 28 games of the regular season and the playoffs had come back a second time. So, there he sat on the bench for most of the first half, ignoring pleas to go back and have the knee X-rayed. Hayes, spirits sinking by the minute, didn't need a picture to confirm what he already knew: His third season in the NBA was over after just 21 games.</div>

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    I really don't expect much out of him anymore. His shot, from what I've seen, was spotty. When he was being scouted, there were articles and comments raving about his pure shooting ability, I didn't see much. I think he's injury prone, and I think he'll be injured again this year.

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