After stopping Rams' Steven Jackson, Lions prep for Frank Gore, San Francisco 49ers

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    The Lions had one of their best tackling games in a long time Sunday, and that could bode well for them this week.

    Linebacker Justin Durant tied his career best with 12 tackles, and the Lions were effective in limiting power running back Steven Jackson to 53 yards on 21 carries in a 27-23 win over St. Louis

    This week, they face another powerful running back in San Francisco's Frank Gore, who had 112 yards on 16 carries in Sunday's 30-22 win at Green Bay.

    "We went in with a goal to try to limit Steven Jackson as much as we could," Lions coach Jim Schwartz said Monday. "And I thought the defense did a good job there. He had one carry for 9 yards, but the rest of the time we held him to about 2.5 (yards) a carry. We missed a couple tackles in the game, but it was very little yardage after missed tackles; other guys came in and cleaned it up.

    "We pursued real well. We played pretty good team defense, and we had no runs over 11 yards. We only had one pass over 20 yards, so that went a long way to keeping us in that game."

    Schwartz balked at saying the defense could transfer its confidence to stopping Gore this week. But he was pleased that the defense countered the Rams' "wham" trap play -- the same play the 49ers used for two huge runs last year against the Lions.

    "They watched our tape last year and said right away, 'Hey, we're going to try that same play,' " Schwartz said. "I don't know if they got a yard on it. They tried to come back to it another time, and they weren't able to get anything.

    "Things like that carryover, but I don't know that just a particular back or anything like that (carries over). You gain confidence in your (defensive) run game. You sort of understand how people want to try and attack you, what plays you haven't done well on, what plays you have. I think all that experience helps but not necessarily (against) a particular player."

    TALKING TITUS: The NFL's website posted an article Monday about Titus Young's latest antics under the headline, "Knucklehead."

    Young head-butted Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins at the end of the first half, then sat out the first offensive series of the second half. Schwartz played down Young's mistake but tacitly acknowledged it was a selfish act.

    "We need to be able to make plays that are in the best interest of the team," Schwartz said. "Titus contributed to the game and made a really good catch, had a reverse for 11 yards, was blocking very well. But that wasn't his best moment.

    "I think we're making progress as a team. We're playing a lot smarter football, and it will be a week-to-week thing."

    OPTIMISM FOR BENTLEY: Cornerback Bill Bentley left the game near the start of the fourth quarter with a concussion. Schwartz offered some encouraging news.

    "I don't know how you would classify because a concussion is a concussion," he said. "But he's doing really well.

    "But yes, he has to pass a protocol to be back. And that's an objective thing. That's not a subjective, 'Well, we think he's doing fine.' He has some hurdles that he needs to cross, but we're optimistic."

    BROYLES OK: Schwartz said receiver Ryan Broyles, a second-round draft pick, was inactive Sunday for depth and strategic reasons. The Lions have been careful with Broyles while he returns from a torn anterior cruciate ligament last year.

    "I wouldn't anticipate that being an every week thing," Schwartz said. "It's just a week-to-week thing."

    SMACK TALK: 49ers tight end Vernon Davis had a shameful moment Sunday after he caught a touchdown pass, then failed to dunk over the goalpost crossbar at Lambeau Field.

    Cornerback Chris Houston had only heard about the celebration failure and was thinking of using it as a conversation starter with Davis on Sunday.

    "I might remind him a little about it and let him know that Calvin Johnson does it better," Houston said. "It's all good, though."


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