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Discussion in 'Portland Trail Blazers' started by Natebishop3, May 18, 2023.

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    No comparisons of Scoot to other players at this point … really on any of the players. Not that I follow my own statements all the time. :cool2: [Comparing Murray to his brother on a one-year delay doesn’t count.]

    We need the regular season to begin … the first 20-25 games to pass … then we’ll see what these players can do right now. That Matisse sees the raw ability of Scoot — and the reality — is pretty cool. Great to have Thybulle on this team! And Brogdon with his professionalism.

    I’m ready to see the Blazers lose A LOT of games this year. The NBA lottery will be exciting, again. The Natural has to be the man next summer.:cheers:
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