Arenas gaining on King of the Wing

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    <div class="quote_poster">Quote:</div><div class="quote_post">No elite wing player has made more progress this season than Gilbert Arenas. A string of game-winning shots, often from remarkable distances, and a soaring scoring average have sparked a Wizards revival after a slow start and dramatically raised the profile of the witty, fun-loving workaholic.......

    Despite firing 8 of his 22 nightly field-goal attempts from treyville, Arenas manages to get to the line 9.4 times per game (and sinking them at an .829 rate). His ability to drive and finish reminds me of a scoring playmaker of the past who doesn’t get his due as an all-time great, Kevin Johnson. KJ also featured a deadly mid-range pull-up jumper, and that’s another improving aspect of the Arenas arsenal.

    In ranking the King of the Wing contenders, I utilize the “Jordan Gold Standard.” This assigns Michael Jordan in his prime a score of 100, and gives other players a score relative to His Airness.</div>
    Hoopshype Article - "Arenas gaining on King of the Wing"
    It seems this year Arenas has started to be considered one of the top wing players in the league.

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