A's playoff tickets!

Discussion in 'Warriors Lounge' started by Rudeezy, Sep 25, 2006.

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    <div class="quote_poster">Quoting Zhone:</div><div class="quote_post">I used to root for the Giants as well as the A's before they signed Barry. He's a great player but he's not a team player of any sort.

    I guess I always liked the underdogs, too. Thus, the A's, even though they've always done well they're always underdogs (in terms of money and big name free agents, and even in trying to get the darn South Bay territorial rights). On the other hand, the Giants, led by Barry, seemed to represent more of excess with no substance. Where's the soul man, where's the soul?

    Ok, maybe a little too deep but my point is GOOOOO A'S!</div>Well said!!!

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