Benitez defends Torres rotation

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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div><div class='quotemain'>Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez says his squad rotation system will pay dividends at the end of the season. </p>

    Benitez did not start striker Fernando Torres in the goalless draws with Portsmouth and Birmingham before the forward scored a hat-trick at Reading.</p>

    "I don't need Torres for playing Birmingham if I have Dirk Kuyt, Andriy Voronin and Peter Crouch," he said.</p>

    "I need the speed of Torres in the last game of the season - maybe a Champions League final or to win the league."</p>

    "Those are the decisions of a manager," he added.</p>

    Despite Torres' triple in the Carling Cup win over Reading, Benitez said it does not guarantee him a starting place for the Reds at Wigan on Saturday.</p>

    "When you are playing for winning trophies you must analyse everything and say 'OK for the last 10-15 games I need Torres fit'," he said.</p>

    "People are talking about players playing a lot of games now. They can do it. I don't say that they can't.</p>

    "You can play 20, 25 or 30 games in a row. No problem. Everybody can do it. The problem is at the end of the season after 30-40 games.</p>

    "The last 10-15 games you are playing for trophies and you must be fresh, ready and fit."</div></p>

    He has an excellent point. There are capable guys, they need to step up.</p>

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    Yeah, good that he stuck to his guns.</p>

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