Bombshell Jan. 6 Testimony Makes Trump Look Worse Somehow

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    Today was one of those bombshell news days where you realize that, despite a war, pandemic and inflation, things are arguably more normal now than they were during the Trump presidency.

    The day’s star was Cassidy Hutchinson, former aide to Mark Meadows, who was President Donald Trump’s chief of staff. She revealed a number of things about Jan. 6, including the fact that Trump:

    1. Knew the Capitol rioters were armed
    2. Understood their weapons weren’t meant for him
    3. Heard them chanting “hang Mike Pence”
    4. Wanted them to stay armed and keep marching
    5. Tried to grab the steering wheel of his limo to go to the Capitol
    6. Proceeded to throw his lunch at the wall and get ketchup everywhere
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