Can Rodriguez Play A Magical Role?

Discussion in 'Portland Trail Blazers' started by Shapecity, Sep 5, 2006.

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    <div class="quote_poster">Quote:</div><div class="quote_post">After seeing Sergio Rodriguez play well for Spain in Japan, the whisper is that Portland will go to training camp with the idea that "The Spanish Magician" could play a few minutes as a back-up point guard --- and I am not making this up --- next season.

    Right now, the Blazers have Jarrett Jack penciled in as the starter, and were expected to use Brandon Roy in spots at the point. (Dan Dickau's injury leaves him as a non-factor right now). But if Rodriguez really can play 6-10 minutes a game, it would give the team some real depth.

    I like the kid. But I'm not sold until he gets bigger and stronger. Can't imagine Rodriguez trying to guard Baron Davis and the other big NBA guards.

    Also, whisper is the Blazers are still seeking a small forward to give them depth at a position where they are more than a little thin and shaky. Still, don't expect a trade. Right now, the rotation would include Darius Miles, Travis Outlaw, and possibly Martell Webster. With Miles' knees rumored to be problematic and Outlaw and Webster inexperienced, word is the Blazers are are going to eyeball the waiver wire, go on the cheap, and pounce when a serviceable player becomes available.

    Keep an eye on that...</div>

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    I was very dissapointed watching him, he turned the ball over consecutively a few times and his ball handling is what really shocked me, it's not all its said to be, but maybe Europeans defend better...

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