Cotto gets to show off his new skills against Mayweather

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    We’ve seen WBA junior middleweight champion Miguel Cotto use the skills he was taught recently by Cuban trainer Pedro Diaz in Cotto’s fight with Antonio Margarito last December, and Cotto didn’t look half bad in showing looks that he’d showed before in any of his fights.

    Cotto’s defense was 100% better, as was his footwork. He did a good job of out-boxing Margarito for pretty much the entire fight. Next month, Cotto will get to show whether his new skills will help him beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 5th at the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas. It’s one thing showing things against faded fighter like Margarito, who looked incredibly slow and who’s surgically repaired right eye closed almost almost immediately in the fight.

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