Did Jerry West rule out drafting Andre Drummond?

Discussion in 'Golden State Warriors' started by truebluefan, Jun 28, 2012.

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    Jerry West has been around the NBA too long to go onto a sports talk show and tell everyone which player the Warriors will draft with the No. 7 pick on Thursday.

    Then again, the thing about West is … you ask him a question and you’re going to get an answer. He’s direct and he’s forthright, and he’s not big on skirting issues. It’s why your ears had to perk up when he had this to say about what the Warriors are thinking one day before the draft.

    “We don’t want a player you’re going to have to wait on for two years,” West said on Chronicle Live. “We want someone who can play right away.”

    That would seem to suggest the Warriors won’t be drafting 18-year-old center, and noted project, Andre Drummond. Many believe Drummond, who played one year at Connecticut, will be available when the Warriors pick.

    But he’s a high-risk, high-reward player and it just doesn’t seem like West is a big fan of going in that direction. Not at this time, anyway, for the Warriors.

    “Here, we need someone who can play right away, provide something we don’t have,” West said. “But more importantly, be a valuable asset going forward.”

    So, who is that player?

    Read more: http://www.csnbayarea.com/basketbal...t-drafting-Andre-D?blockID=731864&feedID=5986
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    If Andre Drummond pays dividends in two years and the warriors are still in the gutter, West will be looking quite dumb for ruling out high risk, high reward.

    It was probably a good call. Some scout reports say Amare Stoudamire or whatnot, but Stoudamire was pretty skilled, just unproven against the next level beyond high school guys. Drummond played one year in college and was exposed as somebody that couldn't really score like an Amare Stoudamire could against pro competition.

    Also, 29% from the foul line? At least Biedrins will feel better about not being last in that department.
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    I think they had planned on taking waiters or Lillard, when both were snatche up, they picked the best asset on the board. People wanted Barnes. We'll see why happens next week. Something tells me he gets moved. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but maybe Rudy Gay, Iggy or Deng are available if Barnes is in the package
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    Drummond just looked disinterested at UConn (not exactly a factory with Thabeet & Okafor). You cannot teach heart and tell me the last guy who developed on in the NBA.

    As for Barnes, he was terrible in the NCAAs but at least he was still playing hard at the end.

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