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Discussion in 'Fantasy Basketball' started by kobe23, Feb 27, 2009.

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    Hey guys i'd like your opinions on this...

    I have a keeper league with my friends where we keep 3 players every year... i tanked this season in order to get set to tear it up next year with LeBron, Al Jefferson and Brandon Roy as my 3 keepers and a lot of high picks in next years draft...

    However, one of my friends has offered me Kobe for Roy and a filler or low level pick... Basically Roy for Kobe...

    Although Kobe is my favorite player... im not too sure since this is a keeper league... and its the reason why i picked wade (3rd overall, traded Wade for LBJ in a blockbuster deal involving 5 teams LOL) over kobe in the 1st place

    Some analysts said that the margin between Kobe and Roy as the best SG in the league greatly decreased this year because of Roy's emergence and also due to Kobe's lesser role with the Lakers...

    My question is, do i trade for Kobe? Will his stats be similar to this year (26ppg 5 5 47.5%fg) when Bynum was playing with the team? Or will we see an even more reduced role for Kobe with the Lakers? Or do i stay with Roy who is younger, full of potential, and is the leader of an up and coming western power?
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    I would go with Ray Rice. He, no doubt, has the most upside. You can never rely on Steven Jackson.

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