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    I wanted to keep signature requests pretty simple in nature. What our GFX team had done in the past had worked pretty well so we'll stick to it. </p>

    <font color="#ff0000">Please leave requests to only approved GFX team members.</font> If you would like to attempt to take a request but are not currently a member of the GFX team, I'll be setting up a ROOKIE Request sticky where non-GFX team members can post their creations. In the event that they are good enough for the team, we may vote and add you to the official GFX team roster. There is always a need for new designers. </p><hr width="100%" size="2" />

    Basic Rules are as follows:<font color="#ff0000"></font></p>
    1. <font color="#ff0000">Create your own personal thread for your requests. </font>Ex Forum Title: Trench: Kobe Bryant Signature and Matching Avy
    2. Requests will be completed when the team can get to them. <font size="1">(Bumping threads less than 24 hours old is frowned upon.)</font>
    3. Try not to make signature requests too complicated. It really makes it difficult to fulfill them. Multiple player sigs are pretty difficult for most to do.
    4. Dont request more than twice a month. Lets give others a chance to request a signature.
    <hr width="100%" size="2" />

    Please copy and paste this to your request thread and fill it out as complete as possible. </p>
    1. Primary Text
    2. Secondary Text
    3. Style - Techy, Grunge, Retro....
    4. Colors - What colors to use
    5. Pictures - Working links only please.
    If these are not filled out properly, we may not be able to fulfill your request properly.

    Thanks. ~The GFX Team
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    i have no clue how to delete a post</p>


    *that makes two of us.* LMAO `trench</p>

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