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    <div class="quote_poster">durvasa Wrote</div><div class="quote_post">What nonsense did I say about Juwan? Quote me. My position on Juwan's defense hasn't changed. He'll make good plays now and then, but he isn't (and never was considered) a good defensive player. His value lies elsewhere.</div>
    This is where I completley disagree. I think Howard's play is greatly unappreciated by some of you. He did a pretty good job with Dirk couple nights ago. He's had some good defensive games as a Rocket that he'll never get credit for.

    <div class="quote_poster">durvasa Wrote</div><div class="quote_post">Regarding Bonzi, he's actually performed much worse than I would have expected. Even when he's supposedly been "in shape", he hasn't played very well except in a few games. Just look at his numbers. They're terrible. And Bonzi isn't a good defensive player. I said that when we first were rumored to be going after him, and it hasn't changed. He's good at playing the passing lanes, he'll get some deflections, and he's a good rebounder. But he doesn't contest shots well, and his lateral movement is poor. His legs simply aren't what they used to be. I haven't "switched over" on that point.</div>
    That's funny you mention Bonzi's defense. He'd played very well defensivley against the Suns. His first play was a block lol. He ended up with 2 blocks, 2 assists and 1 steal all in that little stretch he played in the first half. I was impressed as well as Bill Worrell.

    Bonzi has alwayz been a solid defender. Especially in Portland where he was assigned to guard players like Kobe in the playoffs. Right now he might not be as quick lateral, but he'll definatley be come playoff time. Im even confident he'll have a few great defensive preformances before the season is over.

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