Haley Dahl Enjoys Being an NBA Wife

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    <div class="quote_poster">Quote:</div><div class="quote_post">Cinderella met her prince in college, and now they are living a dream in the National Basketball Association.
    Haley Dahl and former Wolf Pack basketball star and current Utah Jazz player Kirk Snyder met as freshmen at the University of Nevada.
    He had just signed to play for the men's team. A year later, Haley walked on to the women's team and played for two seasons.

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    Haley and Kirk are both enjoying the Utah fans and their loyalty.
    "Jazz fans are very faithful, very respectful and courteous. They are the best fans," said Haley. "They are definitely not fair weather."
    Kirk agrees.
    "Utah is wonderful. We had a rough season this year, but our fans support us night in and night out. Off the court they are respectful," he said.</div>

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