Hulu goes sci-fi lite with 'Runaways,' 'Future Man'

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    'Marvel's Runaways'

    After its Emmy breakthrough with "The Handmaid's Tale," Hulu's profile is on the rise. But its two latest series, the Seth Rogen-produced sci-fi comedy "Future Man" and teen serial "Marvel's Runaways," are both middling, narrowly appealing genre fare, more notable for their auspices than the execution.

    Playful and silly, "Future Man" recycles the oldest of premises: A 20-something slacker, Josh Futturman ("The Hunger Games'" Josh Hutcherson), discovers that the unbeatable video game he's mastered is actually a test placed in our time by denizens from the future, identifying him as the one person with the skills to save the world.

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