Is there any merit in keeping Rajon Rondo next season?

Discussion in 'Chicago Bulls' started by truebluefan, Mar 31, 2017.


Is there any merit in keeping Rajon Rondo next season?

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    OK, so other than trying to prove to myself I am capable of saying nice things about a player I’ve loathed many years, I’ve recently been floating an idea in my fickle mind that is extremely contradictory to my season-long position on the matter: is there value in retaining Rajon Rondo next season rather than investing over $90 million on an a average starting point guard?

    Weird, I know. By proposing such a theory, I probably just lost 90 percent of the people who clicked on the link, who are now cursing themselves for wasting 15 seconds of their day. For the few remaining folks that haven’t yet completed setting alight their laptop, just hear me out.

    The easy answer is to automatically say no, and the sooner he’s gone the better. I understand that rationale and have shared this thought many times this season. As dismissive as it may be, it also has worth. But, in the interests of exploring all avenues, there may also be some modicum of merit in exploring the idea of keeping Rondo for the final year of his two-year, $28 million deal. Maybe.

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