Joe Johnson's LA Connection

Discussion in 'Los Angeles Clippers' started by Shapecity, Jun 28, 2010.

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    Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports adds this to the fray: "Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will pursue a sign-and-trade to lure Atlanta Hawks free agent Joe Johnson, league sources told Yahoo! Sports ... Johnson, is more likely to embrace a sign-and-trade to the contending Mavs than sign a free-agent contract with New York or Chicago, sources said."


    We've noted earlier on Monday that the Knicks could be a possible destination for Joe Johnson once the free-agency period hits on July 1.

    But Ken Berger of CBS Sports writes the Clippers could have a decent shot as well.

    He writes: "Don't be surprised if his strong connection to Clippers GM Neil Olshey explains why Johnson is conveniently ensconced in L.A. for the purposes of signing a max deal with the Clips. As a trainer for Tellem when Johnson was entering the draft, Olshey worked with Johnson and has maintained a strong relationship with him. The Clippers situation is ideal because Johnson wouldn't have to shoulder the burden as the franchise cornerstone, a title and responsibility that will fall on Blake Griffin. The Clippers, with enough cap space for one max player, will make their run at LeBron, but the answer is expected to be a swift and polite, 'No, thanks.' At which point you can expected them to move on to Johnson as their Plan B."

    While this makes sense, Johnson isn't quite an ideal fit for the Clippers. The team already had Eric Gordon starting at shooting guard, and it's a small forward that's needed in a lineup that features Chris Kaman and Blake Griffin up front, with Gordon and Baron Davis in the backcourt.

    Rudy Gay could be an option for the team at the 3 this summer in free agency.

    Source: CBS Sports
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    imo all the clippers really need is a go to all star. joe johnson would qualify as that and adding rudy gay would make the team a contender for the title!

    gordon could be a spark plug off the bench.

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