Joe Montana at 59: 'I can't really run or do much'

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    On Sunday, Joe Montana will handle the coin toss at Super Bowl 50. It’s one of the things he can do without feeling pain, which is the daily cost of his Hall of Fame football career.

    In an interview with USA TODAY Sports, Montana detailed the extensive physical problems suffers from more than two decades after he ended his NFL career in 1994.

    “The mental part was hard initially when I first retired,’’ said Montana, 59, who won four Super Bowls as quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers. “Because it’s quick - cold turkey, the game’s gone. Then the physical stuff tries to catch up with you.’’

    To hear it from Montana, it sounds like he has spent as much time in an orthopedist’s office than he did on the football field. Start with his arthritis, which is in one of his elbows, his knees and his hands.

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