Medically Barred from the NBA, Isaiah Austin Is Putting Up Big Numbers in China

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    As Isaiah Austin moves through China—dropping 41 in Henan, 38 in Lhasa, 57 in Hefei, and so on—he is often asked the same thing by demoralized opponents: Why don't you have an NBA contract?

    It is at once a sweet and devastating question.

    If you know Austin's story, then you know the answer: He doesn't have an NBA contract because he's not allowed to have one.

    A few days before the 2014 NBA draft, league doctors diagnosed Austin, a two-year starter at Baylor and a first-round prospect, with Marfan syndrome. The condition namely enlarges the aorta, the artery that carries blood from the heart. The more an aorta expands, the more likely it is to fatally tear. Especially considering that blood pressure increases with physical activity, NBA doctors declared Austin ineligible to play.

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