Michael Jordan: A history of flight

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    YEARS AGO, AFTER a bad hurricane hit Wilmington, North Carolina, Michael Jordan came back to help the recovery effort. Jordan doesn't go home very often, but he had some friends with him on that trip and wanted to show them where he'd grown up while they were in town. The house, a middle-class split-level, is at 4647 Gordon Road, near U.S. Highway 117. It's the address where Dean Smith sent recruiting letters. Out front, Jordan seemed sentimental. One of the friends with him said later they didn't feel comfortable describing the scene. It felt private. "How do most people feel when they go back to see their childhood home?" the person explained. "MJ is human."

    Someone suggested ringing the doorbell, but they worried about disturbing the current occupants, so his friends just stood there a moment with him, watching Michael Jordan look at the house where he used to live.

    Read more https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/29180890/michael-jordan-history-flight

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