Monty Williams is thankful for the hardships and triumphs of his NBA journey

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    Coach Monty Williams was very emotional after his Phoenix Suns lost in the 2021 NBA Finals, and That self-pity continued for about two weeks as he relaxed in his offseason country home in Texas. Then, suddenly, another emotion hit the man of strong Christian faith.


    “I was so selfish the way that I thought about it. I felt like we deserved to win,” Williams told Andscape last month. “And it had to be the Lord just taking me through this quick process of ‘Look at all the things that have happened. It’s selfish for you to think you have a right to win. You should be thankful for everything that’s happened here in Phoenix. The guys you get to coach, the people you’ve met, the money you make. And for a short period of time, you guys are in the NBA Finals. Are you kidding me?’

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