NASCAR tweaks All-Star race format

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    NASCAR's annual all-star race will be split into five segments this year, with a mandatory pit stop before the final 10-lap sprint for the $1 million prize.

    The All-Star race at Charlotte Motor Speedway will be 90 laps and begin with four 20-lap segments. The winner of each segment will move to the front of the field right before the cars head down pit road for their mandatory stop.

    Drivers will then line up in the order they leave pit road to start the final segment.

    "It's sprint, quick races. Twenty-lap races will mean a lot more now if you can start up front or at least pit first for the final segment, which will mean everything," said 2008 winner Kasey Kahne. "In 10 laps here, if you start anywhere out of the front two rows, you probably don't have a shot at winning. To have the best shot at winning the All-Star Race, you'll want to win one of those (segments)."

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