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    Aragones said this session of Spain in 2008 than to regress, I think, is still behind, personnel or tactics, in my opinion, it is more mature. Teams are mainly for his attitudes have changed, it as a team, this is a very difficult thing, like I often and we said, if the people see you as a team, then you will double difficulty.

    Spanish players, they too good overlapping technology everyone too clear, the teammates, even if you can as an opponent with, but still consumes a lot of energy, and the Spanish speaking, he is in your physical decline still can do every foot ball is accurate, this is his ability, you can't do that.

    I have been emphasized, the confrontation, who lost the ball will change, attitude on the tactics are likely to be using this game, it becomes very hard. In Spain, the ball was completely they control, the rhythm is made in Germany powerful.

    In terms of physical strength, in Germany, compared with against Spain are poor. For example, you see the BoATeng defensive villa, Spanish body completely carry. Fortunately, hispanics will use technology, including YiNieSiDa, Harvey, alonso. If you have had carles puyol, ramos and pick their defense is very rich experience. Disadvantages in Germany, or because their defensive or a loophole. In recent years, including against bayern Munich la liga and the bundesliga are not dominant. The lost the ball is also a problem, two lines in Spain, and Germany capped by people.

    In this game, Spain and overall ability personal ability to get incisively and vividly. This kind of cohesion, the ball movement, the passing, this process is, it seems an enjoyment. As the movement skills, snooker balls must run a repository, the two libraries can call into good positions.

    In the final, the Netherlands and Spain will be linked to win it. Although Holland is very strong, but whether in personnel or tactically, they are restrained, do you think that Spain, robben and sneijder, rafael van der vaart at real Madrid, but also played in Barcelona headbutt mark van bommel, Spanish players played for sure they know very much. Why now so powerful, the Netherlands, I think the key is in a sneijder is completely from the front, he grabbed the backcourt, robben now before the truth than a much smaller, and now he is mainly a pin and a counterattack, nine other people are used to defend, such as kuyt, simply to grab from the right wing, so the right-back is actually a defensive team said the system
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