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Discussion in 'Toronto Raptors' started by speeds, Mar 31, 2013.

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    Is our biggest weakness. What do you think?

    Rudy Gay has the lowest shooting percentage of any player scoring 18ppg or more. He's 9th in FGA but 58th in efficiency.

    DeMar DeRozan shoots 25% from three which is among the worst for scoring guards in the NBA. It drags his overall shooting percentage down. The only scorers nearly as bad are Dwyane Wade (career 30% shooter) and, sadly, Rudy Gay (29%).

    Andrea Bargnani's shooting percentages fell to new depths, his FG% at a six-year low and his 3P% the worst of his career. He also stopped being a top-three scoring option on the team and was relegated to the bench. The next Mike Dunleavy, Jr.?

    The bench is worse: Alan Anderson (.387), Linas Kleiza (.333), Terrence Ross (.405), Mickael Pietrus (.347), and John Lucas III (.390).

    We have three efficient offensive players: Jonas Valaciunas, Amir Johnson, and Landry Fields, discounting Acy & Gray. Fields began his career as quite a good three point shooter but he's lost his touch, probably due to lack of usage. If he could bring that back he could replace Alan Anderson as a go-to bench scorer. Anderson is likely to leave this summer to the highest bidder.

    Valanciunas is bound to get more touches next season. He's shown range out to eighteen feet and has some post skills that, with refinement, could provide easy baskets every game. Hoping to see Casey using Val next season as the big man is also a good passer and can help facilitate offense on the block if we have someone on the wings working with him.

    Amir Johnson has a "take what he can get" offensive game that has worked this year. Expect teams to be ready for him next season. Although he's shown the ability to put the ball on the floor I think he is maxed-out as an offensive player.
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    I haven't seen a Raps game in a while but just from looking at the box scores sometimes and seeing Gay's shooting percentages it makes me cringe. More then a few times I've lines like 20 pts on 20 shots or something stupid like that.
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    Admittedly Gay is having a horrible shooting season, he has been shooting 45.8% from the field during March which is not bad. However Demar's shooting has been going down (didn't do the research but it really seems like it) after the few good games he had since Gay arrived.

    I agree, we need to get Val more touches. He's extremely efficient on the inside and has a decent mid range shot. Once he adds some muscle and improves his post moves, he is going to be a beast.

    I also agree with Amir, he's a good scorer but he's undersized and best suited to be the first big off the bench.

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