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    Yao Targets Wednesday Return

    <div class="quote_poster">Quote:</div><div class="quote_post">Rockets center Yao Ming traveled with the team to Memphis with signs increasingly pointing toward his returning to the court tonight against the Grizzlies.

    The Rockets are still targeting Wednesday for Yao to come back, but did not rule out his playing.

    Yao was so confident he will not be risking damage to his toe by coming back early, he pointed to the red plastic shield on his new basketball shoes protecting his sore left big toe and offered a challenge.

    "You want to try it?" he said. "Step on it. It's pretty hard. Go ahead. I won't feel it."

    Finding no takers, he put his right foot on the front of his left and mashed on it. Clearly, if his return was to be determined by protecting his toe, he would have been back Sunday.

    "The doctors say probably Wednesday," Yao said. "I still need a couple days with the shoe and to get my conditioning."

    Asked about playing today, Yao said: "I don't know. Maybe."</div>


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