Owners Propose Adding Third Round Of Draft

Discussion in 'NBA Draft' started by truebluefan, Sep 8, 2011.

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    The NBA owners have proposed adding a third round to the NBA draft, according to sources.

    The union has countered by offering a variety of changes to the draft that would help address the desire for owners to improve competitive balance.

    "Under one proposal," writes Sheridan, "the 15 teams with the worst records would continue to pick 1st through 15th, but then would also have the 16th through 30th picks. The teams with the top 15 records would have the first 15 picks of the second round, then would have the 44th through 60th picks.

    "Under another proposal, the teams with the eight worst records would get an additional first round pick, beginning with selection No. 22, and the teams with the eight best records would have no first-round picks but would select at the top of the second round (picks 31 through 38), then also would get the final eight picks of the second round."

    Read more: http://sheridanhoops.com/2011/09/07/exclusive-nba-wants-3rd-round-in-draft/
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    I don't like the new proposal. I wouldn't be opposed with having a third rounds but I don't see why the teams with the 15 worst records would get two pics before the other teams. Part of the fun of the draft is knowing that any team can get lucky and find a gem as a late pick.

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