Parcells was demanding, but it made Giants champs

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    As told to Steve Serby.

    I first met Bill Parcells when he was the defensive coordinator for the Giants in 1981. In that first meeting I could tell right off the bat he had a great personality for coaching. I know all of the defensive players really took to his style right away.

    Bill’s form of communication was what made him so different whether it being sarcasm or prodding you he just had a way of doing it. He added a great human touch to coaching football players in a tough business. I saw players yell back at him on the field. Sometimes Bill would turn and walk away. I’d go “Wow!” You just didn’t see it.

    One of his greatest motivators was fear. The wrath of him the fear for your job whatever you want to call it.

    Anytime I’m in public giving a speech or talking to Giant fans I always ask them one question “Do you think Bill Parcells was tough?”

    Everybody nods their heads in agreement and says “Yeah. He was tough.”

    Then I say “You have no idea.”

    To me Bill’s No. 1 belief in football is that it’s tough. There’s only one way to get ready — be tough in the classroom and practice hard. We did both. To Coach every day on the practice field was the most important day of our NFL careers. We always practiced under pressure to get ready for that weekend’s game. Ex-teammates and I always joke that the games were much easier than practice ever was.

    Athletes always say all they want from their coach is honesty. Well be careful what you wish for. Coach Parcells and his assistants were brutally honest. It takes a while to get used to it but once you do it eliminates any gray lines. With Coach Parcells you always knew where you stood as a player.

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