Pistons 134, Magic 120: Saddiq Bey drops 51 to help improve the Magic’s lottery odds

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    On the day the first round of the NCAA Tournament began, the Magic and Pistons squared off in the only NBA game of the night.

    It was a fitting matchup for the occasion considering it’s two of the three worst teams in the league trying desperately to stay in that bottom three in order to better their chances of landing one of the top prospects competing in March Madness like Chet Holmgren and Jabari Smith.

    In a game that both teams would be better served losing, with Tankathon giving the game a Tank Rank of 96.9 out of a possible 100 based on its impact on the draft, it was the Pistons who creeped closer to the dreaded fourth-worst spot with a 134-120 win. Of course, the difference in odds is only a matter of percentage points, with the league’s three worst teams each having a 14 percent change of landing the top pick and a 52.1 percent chance of falling within the top four, and the fourth-worst team having a 12.5 percent chance at No 1 overall and 48.1 percent chance of a top-four pick.

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